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Barcodes, for people new to this format is not hard, they are made up of a group of numbers for a country, company, and product. When you register for a barcode you will be given a number for your company and the first few numbers are the country and the middle numbers are your company and the last numbers will be zero’s as you can pick any number you like for your products.

Barcode labels are the same price as our standard black print prices as we don’t charge any extra for printing these labels. You just give us the number and we print them, easy.

Barcode varieties


BARCOD1EAN-13 is the European version of the Universal Product Code (UPC (A)). The difference between EAN-13 and UPC (A) is that EAN-13 encodes a 13th number into the left six number of a UPC (A) symbol. The 13th number, combined with the 12th number, represents a country code.

An optional two-or five-digit number may be added to the main bar code. This number is designed for use on publications and periodicals and appears as an additional bar code to the right of the main bar code.

As you can see in this general layout of the numbers on this barcode the first numbers are for the country and company the next set of numbers are for your product, in this case the number is one.

The last number is computer generated and is a check number for the barcode you don’t need to worry about this one. There are different types of barcodes but most product barcodes are usually EAN13 or EAN8 , this is the European standard barcode. But if you are using a barcode for internal stock can use what you want as there is no  need to register for a number as it is only used in your company.

Other barcodes

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UPC (Universal Product Code) symbols are used for retail applications in the United States and Canada. UPC(A) is a 12-digit format. The symbol consists of 11 digits of data and one check digit. The first digit usually represents the type of product being identified. The following five digits are a manufacturer’s code, and the next five digits are used to identify a specific product. UPC(A) codes must be numeric.

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Code 39

Code 39, also known as “Code 3 of 9,” is the most popular format used in the non retail market for inventory and tracking. The format consists of three thick elements bars or spaces in a total of nine elements for each encoded character. This bar code is used extensively in manufacturing, military, and health applications. The discrete, variable-length format will accept the following 43 characters:

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Codabar format is commonly used in libraries, blood banks, and the air parcel business. The variable-length format allows encoding of the following 20 characters: 0123456789-$:/.+ABCD. The start and stop characters of a Codabar message must be A, B, C, or D.

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JAN-13 is the Japanese equivalent to EAN-13. Jan-13 codes must be numeric.