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We offer a large range of custom printed labels for you to choose from. Simply select your label type, then enter your information on our order online page, and we will send your self adhesive labels directly to your door! See below for the label range we offer. If there is something else you would like, please contact us and we will be happy to help. All orders are kept on file for easy re-ordering.

Personal labels

Make sure your customers know where to find you and how to contact you for repeat business. A printed contact or address label on a product or parcel gives a more professional look.

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Packaging labels

We specialize in thermal transfer labels, the thermal process ensures the labels are long lasting, durable and will not fade, making them ideal for heavy industry and in the warehousing and distribution industry.

99 x 98 mm Labels – Radiant red background
with black print

Description Qty Price
Don’t Crush 500 $59.90
Fragile 500 $59.90
Fragile 250 $36.50
Glass with Care 500 $59.90
Handle With Care 500 $59.90
This way up 500 $59.90

30 x 125mm White gloss stock
red print

Description Qty Price
Don’t Bend 250 $24.50
Don’t Crush 250 $24.50
Fragile 250 $24.50
Glass with Care 250 $24.50
Hold 250 $24.50
Perishable Goods 250 $24.50
Sold 250 $24.50
This Way Up 250 $24.50
Urgent 250 $24.50
Top Stow 250 $24.50

Product labels

Labels are ideal for promoting, branding, giving product information or instructions. Our labels are perfect for small business and crafters wanting to achieve a professional look for their product without a huge financial outlay.

Nutritional labels

It’s very important to label your product right. Due to legislation food labels need to provide the consumer with a lot of information on one label. Flavourings and additives need to be declared and nutritional and energy values indicated, along with potential allergens. Please visit for guidelines on food labeling before you create a design to better ensure your customer food labels are in compliance.

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Special and christmas labels

Give the personal touch to your services in the holiday season, or maybe there’s a special occasion that needs that something extra. A label is a great way to say ‘we appreciate your business’ or ‘thank you’.

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Barcode labels

Barcode labels are the same price as our standard black print prices as we don’t charge any extra for printing these labels. You just give us the number and we print them, easy.

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