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(Check Price list for Qty 1000 label Price List) HERE.
(First number is the width of the label, anything over 80mm will not fit in a dispenser box.)
(Please Note 20% extra on colours Red, Blue, Green..etc)
( eg: 20 x 40 mm $36.00 x 120% = $43.20 for 1000 labels printed in a fuschia etc..)

Qty per box depends on label size. (If they will not fit in a box or you don't want one they will come on a roll)
(The label printed the colour and the text white)
(If not they come in matt, no price difference)

Printing times are 7 - 10 days, but depending on where you live for courier deliveries they could take a little longer.

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We don't take responsibility for false information or incorrect details.

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